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Matt Barnett is the founder of Impresario, a far west Texas camp dedicated to the growth of the human spirit. Building the camp from nothing in a remote place, he sought to develop a place where people could go to challenge themselves and become aware of the life possibilities that they may never before thought of. In keeping with the spirit of his life, Matt created Impresario in 2021. A camp brings together everything he holds dear. Relationships, nature, travel, chemistry and purpose.

From the early age of seven he was making gunpowder with his father and developed a love for chemistry and explosives. Being told he could never make a living at this or that he would “go to jail” by his family, Matt never wavered in his desires to create a life that incorporated all of his loves. Matt created Bonetti Explosives in 2007 and began to service the defense industry and all sectors of society that need explosive services. From a patented shaped charge to manufacturing ordnance and ammunition and recycling such items, the company spread over the whole spectrum of the explosives industries.

Matt has worked with explosives and lived all over the united states and its territories including Puerto Rico where he owns land on Vieqeus island. He runs successful Airbnb camps and always enjoys a good conversation about life. Matt does not like to discuss the weather.


Meet The Team

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